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Ian S. Cophin
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Ian S. Cophin Hey Ho!
If you like old time punk rock, this is for you! Love the lyrics on Digital Native. Favorite track: Digital Native.
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released September 17, 2014

All songs written by Glowing Scars
All lyrics written by Mark the Dark, except "Plastic Dream": written by Mark the Dark and Cockette
Recorded and mixed in Summer 2014 by David Langhard at Dala Studios Winterthur
Mastered by Dan Suter at Echochamber
Schwinigx Records SNX002



all rights reserved


Glowing Scars Winterthur, Switzerland

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Track Name: Burn The Streets
Burn the Streets

we burn the streets where you marching on
we burn the sky when you move along
do not think you could ever get through
as long you spread your hate we are coming for you

we don’t need it
we don’t take it
we don’t want your racist shit
we don’t need it
fuck you and your racist shit

hating people for the colour of their skin
is just plain stupid and we won’t let you win
you say it’s wrong when a man loves a man
it happened ’38 and must not happen again

we don’t need…

you talk ‘bout races - you’re the worst kind of all
you must not rise we will make you fall
no need to say you are full of shit
we have enough we are sick of it

we don’t need…
Track Name: Digital Native
Digital Native

just take a look
600 friends on facebook
I'm so popular
don't need a fancy car

you wanna be
my best friend digitally
my cool lifestyle
is testified by my profile

I was born digitally
spread my bytes globally
got a sandy bridge in my chest
but I'll die like the rest
digital native!

I'm never alone
chatting with girls on my iphone
hear window's chimes
my page is liked 2000 times

would live in hell
outside of my shell
don't see the truck on the street
now this was my very last tweet

I was born...
Track Name: Never Let Them Win
Never Let Them Win

they try hard to beat us
but they will never defeat us
we never let them win
so let the clash begin
we never let them win
never let them win

they wanna wrap us up in steel and glass
we shall drown in the upper class
we’re proclaiming our right to spray
‘cause we are sick of that boring grey

they try hard…

they say we wreck the peaceful living
teargas and truncheons is what they giving
they wanna lock us up in a cage
but when we’re unleashed beware of our rage

they try hard…

we will never be puppets in their play
we’re always heading our own way
we will stand our ground and fight
until they grant us our given right

they try hard…
Track Name: Blood Spangled Banner
Blood Spangled Banner

war’s a crime
but you don’t care
humanity dies
we have to bear
you send out bombs
from hidden places
don’t need to see
your victims faces

you burn whole landscapes
burn down, burn bright
under your blood spangled banner
burn down, burn bright

abuse as soldiers
little boys
you give them guns
instead of toys
hear them crying
see them fall
blood pours like rain
and covers all

you burn whole landscapes
burn down, burn bright
under your blood spangled banner
burn down, burn bright
you don't care for humanity, you only care for your profit
burn down, burn bright
under your blood spangled banner
burn down, burn bright

light it up and tear it down!
Track Name: Plastic Dream
Plastic Dream

live my shallow plastic dream
I'm the polytoxic queen
fill my brain with endless lust
and my spirit goes to dust

push my pace with speed and power
and the night has 24 hours
change my eyes from brown to black
then I'm ready for attack

need no god
need no food
my own religion
is my drugged up mood

powder makes me twist and turn
thoughts are gonna crash and burn
dead end feelings, turning cold
flat line soul never grow old

push my pace...
Track Name: Waste

hey! stand up and shout
this is what life is all about
break out of your cage
tonight we’re gonna burn down this stage

you know that there is one thing left to do
when everything is oh so sad and blue
when everything is boring and grey
waste your brains away

hey! follow my advice
be merry and never think twice
we will rock the night
and don’t stop until bright daylight

you know…

hey! free your mind
leave all your worries behind
shag a girl backstage
have your picture on every front page

raise your glass and drink
curfew comes sooner than you think
one thing left to say
waste your brains away!